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 Prasanna Raghavan, a lover of books, reading and writing, recently published her first eBook-Under the Bakula Tree-on Amazon Kindle. When she is not reading a book or typing on her laptop, she tries old and new recipes in her kitchen. Her husband also likes cooking, solitary on in her company. Their latest cooking expeditions include Airfryer cooking and baking, which their children gifted her on her birthday.

An educator, she spent most of her career life in Africa, together with her husband, retired as Head of  Division for Physical Sciences. 

 Creative writing is a passion for her. She completed an online course with All About Writing to master story-crafting techniques.  

 She was born and grown in Kerala, India, now lives in Cape Town and visits Kerala.

She researched Social Constructivist Maths Education in a maths classroom as part of her master's degree in mathematics education.  

Her research thesis is available in  Global View.  

Her nonfiction and fiction work is available in Women's Web and  Feminism. 

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