About me

 About me

I am Prasanna Raghavan, a lover of books, reading and writing.  When I am not busy reading a book or at my laptop, I am in the kitchen, trying old and new recipes.  My husband also likes cooking.  Our latest cooking expedition is on the Airfryer, which our children gifted me on my birthday.

 A teacher by career, I spent most of my career life in Africa, retired as Head of  Division for Physical Sciences. 

 Creative writing is a passion for me, but I am not a born writer. I did an online course with All About Writing to master the story-crafting techniques.  I am happy to share with my readers what I learned.

 In South Africa, I researched Social Constructivist Maths Education in a maths classroom as part of my master's degree in mathematics education.  The University I did the course published the research thesis.  For the public, I will post it in my About Maths Learning blog.

 I live in two countries, when in South Africa, I live in Capetown, when in India, Kerala. I'm born in Kerala, grew up breathing in its serene rustic beauty.

About Publishing. 

There are bits and pieces of publishing to my credit in English and my vernacular, Malayalam.  Also, some essays and stories in Women's Web and  Feminism in India. 

 My first story is currently with the editors. Once through with the editing, I will publish it in KDP.   

 Reach me at prasannaragh@gmail.com