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Magic Square- Review

Magic Square is the debut work of Salini Vineeth.  It's not the story of highfliers but lazy bones or daydreamers or those thrown off the ambitious life trajectory in unforeseen circumstances, however, their stories inspired one another. 
Author:  Salini Vineeth
Type: Novella
Genre: Fiction
Amudha has ended up a Ph. D scholar not out a research enthusiasm, an ignored middle child bear no weight of family expectations, Dheeraj is another scholar in the same boat for six years, eldest in a family, planning to sniff out something immoral from the supervisor prof. Murthy's past to blackmail him to get his degree.  There develops a kind of chemistry between them like two crabs joining claws to crawl out of grotesque depths. A joint mathematical escaped they worked out sets Amudha out on a mystery expedition she moved to territories unknown. She meets L.V. Sreenivasan the intriguing hero who gave it the best shot of his life story together with a great piece of practical advice that inspired her, to indulge yourself in the feel of everything read the novella.   

It's an ordinary story made extravagant by the plot sequence and the sweet, charming writing style used by the author that also made it a page-turner. 

My one observation is, quite often she puts a character's thoughts in inverted commas where italicizing seems the norm.   
I wish the author all the best in conquering her love the writing.  No path is easy, most painful is most rewarding.


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